How to fix the wedding date

August 7, 2010

Once formalized the engagement, the question that naturally arises is when to choose the right day to get married . Like a birthday or Christmas, wedding day will have a special place in your heart and will be one of the days which you will remember every year.

When you choose your wedding date is extremely important, no other programming is possible without knowing the item. Before check in the calendar the date of your wedding, think about how long you need to make necessary preparations for this day. Try to be more realistic when answering this question. If you want a wedding with fast, you might need even a year to do it up. Specialists say that an average wedding requires 200 hours of planning and preparation. If you set the wedding will take place in a year, the 200 hours of stress and emotion will not be felt, but if you decide to do it in three months, it is possible that you would not enjoy so much the big event.

Wedding date should be chosen and depending on the season of your favorite months. You should ask if there is any time of year of significance for you or your families. Maybe Christmas is a special moment for you by following a wedding in early December is everything you wanted. The most popular months of the marriage remain unquestionably June, August and September.

Choosing the day is often influenced by the budget. If the budget is restricted, you may consider to do Friday night or Sunday wedding. They are the best days, especially as you could negotiate prices for renting the restaurant and you will find free church where you dream to get married. It remains however a compromise solution because some of the guests could not join the wedding party. Another element that is necessary to take into consideration when you choose your wedding date is if you want to have an outdoor wedding. In this case is more appropriate to choose the wedding would be during summer. You don’t wish that an unexpected wind or rain to ruin your important moment in your life.

Some people think that it is better to get married by respecting some traditions. So in Chinese tradition, it brings good luck to marry on a date that has as many even numbers in the component. The Irish believe that New Year’s Eve is most fortunate for such a move, and Indian families see the astral calendar to ensure that the planets are aligned in a favorable way. Your marriage will have its own personality according to the astrological sign under which he was connected – think about wedding day as the birthday of your marriage.

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